Security Holographic Label with Custom Features - 30 x 20mm

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  • 1800 labels per pack
  • Large quantities of hologram stickers on stock, fast dispatch
  • Tamper evident void pattern when removal is attempted
  • Unique non-sequential serial numbering - general/high secure QR code available
  • Accept customized ordering. Great security features design in detail, micro text anti-counterfeiting, covert security taggant, etc
  • Guarantees the unique identification for each of your products and assures your clients that the item has been ratified and verified by you

Robust anti-counterfeiting solution for product & document protection

Unique hologram label solutions. Use this specially designed tamper evident security hologram with secure QR Code to seal about anything needs to be sealed and Protected: cosmetics, wine & spirits, CD, electronics, computers, proprietary items, security document for efficient product authentication, product track and trace. Economical bulk offerings are suited for larger scale asset labeling/tracking operations.

Customized your own brand protect solution. Text, company URL, an Authentication procedure, promotion video or customized your own assets with the small secure QR setting.

A variety of applications

Apart from hologram basis label, we also offer a wide selection of durable, professional, and security-conscious materials for your specific use

  • A heavy-duty adhesive stick to most surfaces. Economical labels save you money.
  • Destructible labels. Secure asset labels break into small pieces to show evidence of tampering.
  • Removable polyester/hologram labels. Sticks permanently, but removes cleanly.
  • Tamper-evident hologram labels. Shows a VOID pattern upon attempted removal.
  • You can also order blank label sheets to create your labels at home.

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