Matrix NFC Tag Extra-Secure Proxi-413 - NTAG 413 DNA - 30 x 30

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Matrix NFC Tag Extra-Secure proxi-413
  • 1000 piece per pack
  • Engage with consumers through dynamic content experiences, fully triggered by them and served in real-time.
  • Tiny-sized and cost-effective NFC inlay with best-in-class performance
  • Compatible with NFC-enabled smartphones (Android/ iOS)
  • Fully NFC Forum tag type 4 compliant IC and is also compliant to ISO/IEC14443-4, ISO/IEC 7816-4 file structure and APDUs format
  • Wide applications, including product authentication, smart packaging and coupons as well as other engagement options.

Product Features

  • RF Interface & Communication Protocol
    • Fully compliant to the ISO/IEC 14443, all parts 1 to 4
    • Fully compliant to the ISO/IEC 7816-4 file selection and APDU handling
    • Fully compliant passive target compliant to ISO/IEC18092
    • Features 7-byte UID according to ISO/IEC14443 – 3

  • NFC Forum Tag Type compliance
    • Fully compliant to the NFC Forum Tag 4 Type technical specificatio
    • Fully compliant to NDEF data structure configurations

  • Memory organization
    • One 32-byte standard data file, formatted as Capability Container (CC)
    • One 128-byte standard data file for NDEF file
    • Flexible mirroring offset for UID, NFC counter and CMAC
    • Flexible separators position and length

  • Security features
    • Secure Unique NFC Message (SUN)
    • Three AES 128-bit application keys featuring key versions
    • Incremental NFC tap Counter
    • AES based dynamic CMAC as part of the NDEF data
    • Three-pass mutual authentication (optional)
    • Optional three-pass mutual authentication
    • Plain, CMACed and encrypted communication (configurable)
    • Secure retrieval of NFC tap counter (optional)
    • ECC based NXP originality signature

  • Deployment and user convenience
    • NTAG 413 DNA offers the personalization of NFC tag with different type of NDEF records and a flexible setting of the NDEF file to define the mirrored parameters and CMAC input offset. At personalization of the tag the individual application keys and different access to NDEF file with those keys can be set independently.

  • Crypto standard
    • NTAG 413 DNA’s core crypto function is compliant to FIPS PUB 197 (FIPS 197) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). CMAC is calculated according to NIST Special Publication 800-38B, and uses only 8 even bytes from last encrypte block

  • Secure Dynamic NDEF (SDN)
    • A cryptographical method which is generating unique secure NDEF data in each tap based on Secure Dynamic Messaging, explained in.

  • UID
    • 7-byte fixed UID is programmed in the chip, and can be mirrored within the NDEF message.

  • NFC Counter
    • A 3-byte up counter is incremented only once per each session when the NDEF file is read. This counter value can be optionally mirrored in plain into the NDEF message. The encrypted counter value can be read out after authentication by using the assigned application key.
  • CMAC
    • The 8-byte CMAC can be optionally mirrored into the NDEF message. CMAC is calculated on the message length defined. It is possible to consider only the UID and/or the NFC Counter for CMAC calculation.
  • Mutual authentication
    • NTAG 413 DNA offers 3-pass mutual authentication based on challenge response protocol identical with the application key. This mutual authentication enables the authentication of the tag and terminal (only who knows the keys) simultaneously.

  • ECC signature
    • NTAG 413 DNA offers a static ECC signature calculated on the UID of the chip. This ECC signature can be used to verify the tag's genuineness using the public key provided by NXP.
  • Ultimate product authentication
    • NTAG 413 DNA features can be integrated to design a robust product authentication. Concatenating of the multiple features e.g. ECC signature, history based UID tracking, SUN and 3-pass mutual authentication to design enhanced reliability in product authentication

  • Customization from fab
    • NXP offers commercially the customization of the chip content (securely key injection known as trust provisioning, personalization of NDEF message and file settings).

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