Photochromic Ink – Colorless to Color Under UV Light/ Sunlight Exposure

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  • Photochomic inks change color when exposed to UV light or sunlight
  • Reversible effect: The ink color goes back to transparent when not exposed to UV light/ sunlight
  • Fast color transition: Color appears in 5 seconds
  • Available color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple
  • Applications: Suitable for printing vouchers, tickers, certificates, tax stamps and others

UV Light/ Sunlight Activated Specialty Ink, Multiple Colors Changing Effects, Making Consumer Fall in Love with Your Appealing Products

Photochromic inks have strong security reliability. It is invisible under artificial light and will appear visible once exposed to normal sunlight or UV light (black light). This effect is reversible. Once the ink is not exposed to sunlight or UV light, the ink will return to the transparent appearance within one or two minutes. Suitable for anti-counterfeiting products, vouchers, tickets, certificates, tax stamps and others.

1. Photochromic Ink & Pigment Features

  • Type of security: Overt/covert
  • Printing technology: Screen printing, UV printing
  • Type of security: Overt/covert
  • Authentication method: Just expose printed area to sunlight or to UV light
  • Product package: Can, 1 kg
  • Available Color: Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue
  • Others: Short delivery time

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