About Us

About NanoMatriX

Expert in Brand and Document Protection, Secure Track & Trace, IT Solutions and Customization.

Since 2004, NanoMatriX International Limited is a proficient state-of-the-art innovator and supplier of document and product protection systems and web-based, on-demand verification solutions.


NanoMatriX provides to corporations and governments:

  • TrackMatriX®Series – cloud-hosted, secure, track & trace system to authenticate and verify products or documents.
  • NFC tags and readers – to meet a wide range of use-cases and engagement programs.
  • Security labels – for multi-level anti-counterfeiting and fraud protection of products and documents
  • IT services & support – Custom-built secure, cloud-hosted IT services to interlink secure physical marks, 2D barcodes and NFC tags with digital records applying frameworks related to IoT, AI and blockchain.
  • Mark-MatriX®Taggant Series – Recognized, inorganic, strong covert and forensic protection against counterfeiting. Security taggants of the Mark-MatriX® Series can only be verified by custom-built detection systems suitable for in-field, in-line or mobile verification.
  • Holographic Security Laminates – For ID documents.
  • Security Graphic Design Services – In-house design for visas, certificates and other security documents
  • Security Consumables – Security ink solutions and security paper consumables.


Quality Management System

NanoMatriX International Limited is ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2010 and welcomes new customers and partners who want to interlink security printing technologies with the latest IT technologies. Our team comprises of trained and certified specialists in security printing, web-application design & deployment, IT security and cryptography.

Our quality policy statement: “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” (Peter Drucker, 1909~2005).

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